Powerful Statistics

Powerful Statistics for your Company

Top 10 Advertising provides powerful and easy to understand statistics so you (our advertiser) knows just how well your ads are doing. With real-time reporting, you know with just a click of a button how visitors to your website are responding to the advertisements they see.

Impressions and Clicks Breakdown for up to last 31 Days

Track each individual ad, campaign, and network performance using our real-time reporting features. With Bobarosa Saloon's Top 10 Advertising statisticial reporting, you can monitor your ad performance with ease. Several reports are provided including 30-day outlook, per hour reporting, and last 14 days.

A Performance Summary is provided on each of your reports. Our Program records both unique impressions and clicks, raw impressions and raw clicks. The Click Through Ratio (CTR) is also calculated within the Performance Summary.

24 Hour Break-down

Bobarosa's Top 10 allows you to go beyond traditional reporting with a 24 hour break-down of your ad's clicks and impressions. The 24 hour breakdown includes the latest days results as well as the previous days. This information could be used track the time of day that most visitors are on your website.

24 Hour Break-down Statistics

More Valuable Statistics

The other statistics record information such as unique impressions for today, yesterday and daily averages. Also learn which day was the best performing day as far as the most impressions. This information is available for each ad you setup as well as the campaigns overall statistics.